Thanks to our own development and many years of experience, we deliver test machines and automated lines to various industries that are capable of assuring both the assembly and, most importantly, 100% control of the mechanical properties of individual specimens, parts and entire finished products such as test specimens for tensile tests and pressure or impact toughness, pressure bottles, diaphragm springs, automobile lamellae, pressure discs and PKW couplings,

All automated test machines and automation systems developed and manufactured meet the most demanding requirements for

productivity, quality and reliability of results.

LABORTECH Testing Automats and Automated Systems enable the simplification of the process necessary for quality management systems as the test procedure has been pre-programmed and subjective influences are excluded. Thanks to our test machines we are able to secure:

Safe testing

Timely statistical information in the long run.

Proper control of processes and production methods

Suppress inefficient communication between different production processes

Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with advanced technical and technological solutions backed by the necessary testing services.


The YELLOW RUNNER automated robotic test systems are designed for precise and fast specimens handling in conjunction with Electromechanical Test Systems LabTest E series. Thanks to the modular design, various peripherals: specimens size measurement, broken sampling boxes, extended storage systems, etc., can be connected to our robotic test systems.

Features and description:

  • Robotic testing system for fully automatic tests according to EN ISO 7500-1 ASTM E
  • Modular and economic system with possibility of adaptation according customer demands (number of test cycles per 24hours, number of trays, specimens measurement etc.)
  • Low operating and maintenance costs with 100% machine load (three-shift operation).
  • Total Takt of the line – specimen insertion within 20 sec.
  • X Runner in conjunction with Yellow or Blue Runner Series BR – SIEMENS Simatic S7 1500 incl. LCD – RUNNERTest v. 2 and robot FANUC.
  • Additional peripherals and accessories (temperature chamber, code reader, etc.)

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Automated Robot Systems X RUNNER designed for accurate and fast handling of impact notch toughness specimens in conjunction with LABORTECH CHK pendulums. These robotic systems are made in several modifications, depending on how many specimens will be tested within 24 hours, what types of specimens and at what temperatures. Based on these requirements, the robotic workplace is precisely specified.

Features and description:

  • Robotic test system for fully automated testing according to Charpy EN ISO 148-1, EN ISO 148-2 or ASTM E23 for temperature range -90 ° C to 30 ° C. (optional up to + 300 ° C)
  • Total Takt of the line – specimen insertion within 5 sec.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs including 100% machine load (3 shift operation).
  • Modular and economical system with customization (number of pendulums, number of trays, dimension measurement, etc.)
  • X Runner in conjunction with Yellow or Blue Runner Series BR – SIEMENS Simatic S7 1500 incl. LCD – RUNNERTest v. 2 and robot FANUC.

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Automatic stationary hardness testers designed for HB and HV measurement. Built-in production and testing lines, they are used for 100% hardness check according to EN ISO 6506-1. These systems can measure e.g. CNG bottles after heat treatment, seamless pipes, round forgings etc. The conveyor system can be adjusted according to the dimensions, shape and weight of the measured piece and requirements.

Features and description:

  • Sturdy frame construction with vertical pressure actuator with linear guide. Horizontal unit with feedback support, milling, injection, and CCD evaluation unit.
  • Conveyor system for feed and rotation of the piece and selection of parts according to hardness, IO, NIO + and NIO-
  • Integrated unit of pieces description – IMAJE
  • Total Taktzeit of input line – 50 secs for one injection (Up to 12 injections in different positions)
  • SIEMENS Simatic S7 1500 control system incl. LCD, integrated PC incl. FESTTest software
  • Operation via touch LCD screens

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